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And how you can do it too even if you think you are not an expert!

HURRY! AS OF {{MMMM}} {{D}} number of Free spots is low

From: Luke Sabins
Canggu, Bali

Dear reader,

If you want to start an online business that actually makes profit... 

And converts even the most sceptical prospects into the heavy rain of PAYING loyal customers...

Then this will be the most important message you will read this year.

Here’s why:

My name is Luke Sabins, and 3 years ago, I was a broke student.

I was trying to start my first online business from my dorm bedroom

With as little as $100 bucks in my pocket and two more people next to me listening to loud music.

I was hopelessly striving to make a change in the world and make a decent profit besides that.

My disgust of being in the school and learning things I absolutely didn't care about made me work harder than anybody else I knew.

I would wake up every morning at 5AM, watch a few motivational guru videos, go to school and from 4PM, work on my online business. 

I did this every single day and took the rest only on Sundays...

This was my life for almost a year before my business failed. 

And after this failure, more than 3 more followed it. 

Selling on eBay...FAILED
Dropshipping store... FAILED
Affiliate Marketing... FAILED 

I was trying to find a strategy that would finally work and could make me quit this never-ending hole of failure. 

Then, one day, I realized... 

There Has To Be 
Something I'm Missing...

And to my surprise... there was one thing.

I started to notice a specific pattern.

All these "armchair experts" who are teaching how to create Shopify dropshipping stores or make commissions with ClickBank or even start an Amazon FBA business...

Have one particular thing in common.

They are not in Dropshipping, Affiliate or Amazon business...

They are in the KNOWLEDGE business!

Their income comes from selling their advice and skills.

Courses, ebooks, masterminds, challenges, coachings...

That's what makes them 6 and 7-figures! 

Don't believe me? 

Just have a look:

It's The First Thing In The Description!

I asked myself...

"Why the hell no one talks about this?"

"What are some other things they keep as a secret from people who watch their videos daily?"

"How do they teach something that clearly doesn't work, and they still make hundreds of thousands of dollars?

I was furious...

But it also made me think...

What if I just replicate what they do, but instead of having secrets, I'd just be honest.

And that's when my business EXPLODED!

From 0 to $1,906.59 in less than 11 DAYS:

  • without a ready yet product (I hadn't even created a product yet)
  • ​without any followers (no subscribers, influencers or email list)
  • without spending months creating content
  • without any testimonials (no one knew me at the time)
  • with no more than $100 dollars in my bank account
  • with English not being my first language 

...and PROFITABLE from DAY 1.

I sold my knowledge

to 20 People

who hadn't heard of me BEFORE...

Of course, I could show you revenue numbers that I generate today, but I won't.

Not only those can be easily "photoshopped", but I want you to see what's possible to achieve as a complete newbie.

This is actually realistic income that you can expect when you start selling your knowledge.

And the best of all...

After just ONE week of being in business. 


Your Knowledge Is The Real Business

These "gurus" aren't stupid.

They are fantastic marketers and know how to sell.

But today, you discovered their secret...

And now you can finally make things happen!

Is it even possible to Sell My Knowledge

If I'm just a BEGINNER??

I know exactly how you feel...

When I heard for the first time about being an expert and getting paid for giving people advice, I was like: 

No way, it can't work like this...

It might sound good on a paper, but I feel like I'm not worthy enough to teach.

I'm afraid that people won't listen to what I have to say or take my advice because of my lack of skills...

I think that I'm not capable of helping them effectively.

But here's the thing...

You don't have to be an expert to get started... 

You Just Need To Be One Step Further Than Your Prospect

Frank Abagnale, one of the most famous fraudsters in the world, according to whom the film "Catch Me If You Can" was made, managed to fake checks worth millions of dollars.

He also pretended to be a doctor, a pilot, but also a university teacher.

After the years on the run, the FBI managed to catch him, and the head agent asked him one question that really stuck with me ...

"How the hell were you able to teach those people in the college?"

And Abagnale said:

"You know, the only thing I had to do was to read just one chapter ahead."

And this applies to business as well...


You don't have to be a genius or Mr Shifu!

Because life is about solving problems...

And if you can be the one who can solve your prospect's problem, this person will happily grab the credit card and pay for your knowledge.

The "Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide" is EVERYTHING You Need To

Get Paid For Your


  • Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide (value $247)
  • Netguider Evolution (value $197)
  • Winning Idea Detector (value $97)
  • Market X-RAY Spyware (value $147)
  • ​​Product Builder ToolKit (value $97)
  • Secret Selling System (value $197)
  • ​​ 🎁 Fast-Action Bonus: Traffic TakeOff (value $127)

Total Value: $1,109

$27 Today!

The Secret of Success:

Using The Strategy That Actually Makes Money

You can be the best entrepreneur in the world, 
but you'll be struggling to be profitable when 
using dead and competitive strategies.

The difference between "entrepreneurs" and entrepreneurs who actually make money is the strategy they choose to use.  

Most beginners just straight out go on YouTube, watch couple of videos and start a "business" because they saw someone showing screenshots of 6 figure income. 

After months of work and wasted money, they realize that it isn't working (because probably it doesn't), and once again, they are at the beginning.  

Getting clear from the start on what strategy you're going to use and then relentlessly focusing on it brings clarity to your vision and the end goal you're pursuing. 

Your mind becomes free and hard like the tip of a spear 
that cuts through the noise in the marketplace
which ultimately leads to a successful business. 

However, strategies that work the best are not often talked about because no one wants to show their secrets. 

But this changes today!

Don't Rush to
Sell Your Knowledge

Not every digital product is the winner. As the same as:
  • Not every dropshipping store was a winner 
  • Not every amazon product was a winner
  • ​Not every published book was a winner

80% of Your Success Is The 
Market Research & Product Idea

From what I see happening online, most beginner entrepreneurs underestimate this step.

And of course... 

This causes them to fail!

Their market research and product idea sucks. 

It doesn't make people leave the comfort of their home, go outside while there's a thunderstorm, walk ten miles and grab their stunning offer.

Or in different words... 

Pull out the credit card and buy. 

That's why they think it doesn't work.

The Hole Of Failure

  • They are missing experience and overview 
  • They feel paralyzed with the number of strategies
  • They are overwhelmed & jumping from one idea to another
  • ​They work on many projects at the same time
  • ​They work a lot without visible results
  • ​They failed many times before and don't want to again
  • ​They are sceptical and think that everything is a scam
  • ​They feel exhausted & think that nothing works
This is the story of thousands of beginners who want to make things happen but don't know how.

They see the opportunity, but they don’t know how to utilize it and make it profitable…

That's Why:

Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide Was Born

So you can...
  • STOP jumping around from one opportunity to the next and NEVER master that one thing that could change everything for you.
  • STOP focusing on too many projects at the same time and doing everything by yourself just to realize that this is not what you expected.
  • STOP grinding till morning hours building a business just to see it fail and suck out your time and money.
  • ​STOP working non-stop WITHOUT any visible results and accomplishments that would help you stay on your mission. 
  • ​STOP being in the mode of “making sure it’s perfect” and just procrastinating.

Instead of This, You Can...

  • START getting 50+ paying customers every single week and work only with the people who are willing to pay for your knowledge.
  • START focusing on a single business and never change opportunities ever again. This strategy dramatically shifts everything and opens the gates to a whole new world of possibilities.  
  • START seeing actual results from the effort you put in. There's nothing more beautiful than knowing that your product helps people solve their problems and makes them happy. And to top it all... It's PROFITABLE!
  • ​START being an impactful and location independent entrepreneur who is the respected authority in the marketplace. People will start knocking on your doorbell just to seek advice!
  • ​START terrorizing your competition by giving your dream customers exactly what they want. You will speak from their soles and serve them on the highest level possible. 


To Sell Your Knowledge NOW:

✅ Reason #1: 
Beginner Friendly
You see, being a beginner and starting out the online business is EXTREMELY hard. 

Actually, it was one of the hardest things I went through in my life up until I discovered that selling my own knowledge and advice is arguably the best business I could start. 

You don't need to be a magician to make it profitable, yet the only thing you need is just to know a little bit more than your customer. 
✅ Reason #2: 
 Fast and Visible Results
If you hate working your ass off for months, then launch your product just to see it fail and suck out your money, you're not alone. 

I was in the same place couple of years ago when I ran my dropshipping store. 

When I switched to selling my knowledge, I quickly realized one of the most significant advantages of this method. 

You can presale your product even when it's not ready!

Basically, you can start earning money while testing your new idea... How awesome is that?
✅ Reason #3: 
Exponential Scale
Some businesses are pretty hard to scale because they require a lot of physical work and sometimes even dozens of people to operate. 

This doesn't apply when you're selling your knowledge. 
You can just heat up the ad budget a little bit and make more sales. 

Or you can add a new product into your offer and booom, more sales. 

And you can even diversify your already in use ads to different ad platforms, and guess what... Yes, more sales!
✅ Reason #4: 
Massive Profitability
When it comes to profitability, being an expert and monetizing your skills is possibly the most underrated business model at all times. 

Just have a look at Dean Graziosi, who once said: "I've made millions buying and selling real estate. However, I've made maybe 100times more by teaching others how to do the same."
✅ Reason #5: 
You’re In Control 
One thing that I absolutely HATE about most online business opportunities is the lack of control. 

Dropshipping model is highly dependent on suppliers, so when something goes wrong, you can't do shit about it. 

Not speaking about Affiliate Marketing or Amazon FBA, where you're basically building someone else's brand and business. 

You can't set your own prices or profit. 

There are no stupid rules telling you what you can or not do when you're selling your knowledge.
✅ Reason #6: 
Location Independence
One of the many benefits of being an expert and helping people solve their problems is the possibility to work from anywhere. 

You don't have to travel to work or deal with the traffic and pollution. You can work in the comfort of your home or get to know the world and work on the beach. It is totally up to you. 

There are no annoying colleagues that would disturb you so you can 100% focus on your mission. 
✅ Reason #7: 
No Additional Costs
When it comes to practicality, this method is unbeatable. It just absolutely destroys other strategies. 

Now hold your pants because here's why...

You don't need to hire a staff, rent an office, own a security system, worry about stock or shipping costs and delivery. Plus you can charge whatever you want. 

Digital products are undoubtedly booming, and the industry is getting bigger by the day, primarily because of its extreme practicality.
✅ Reason #8: 
No Content Marketing
I can't say I hate to create free content on social media, but I don't like it either. 

It just takes so much time, sometimes even 3-4 hours a day, to create videos and posts that often get shallow engagement. 

And for the beginner, this part is probably the most difficult. 

You haven't even tested your idea, and now you have to spend so much time on content. 

The good news is that you don't have to! 

With the "Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide", content marketing is not necessary.
✅ Reason #9: 
This Strategy Works
Now you don't have to waste your time anymore laying around and thinking what business you should start. 

You don't have to wonder what to do. 

You can simply follow the blueprint and see your progress. 

No more empty guru talks, just pure action. 

And if you are still not sure whether this strategy works, let's try it yourself. 

The 5-STEP

Expert Success Path


X-Ray The Market

Say goodbye to seeing your product fail. With this advanced market research, your customers will think that you read their minds. 

Guess what? YES, you're right. You'll get this strategy inside the action guide.


Find The Winning Idea

Finding the idea that strikes like lighting right to the customer's eyes might be difficult if you don't know where to start. 

Don't worry. I'm giving you the proven framework for identifying the ideas that blow up the market. 


Build a Sales Funnel

Frequently the system used to convert the visitor into paying loyal customer doesn't work as expected. 

However, this is not the case with the selling system you'll get for free as the part of "Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide".


Run Test Traffic

Getting people to see your incredible product is sometimes a struggle and risky. You can end up spending thousands of dollars on ads without any visible results. 

Don't panic! Because you'll get my effective, low-risk traffic strategy inside the guide.


Celebrate 🎉

Hurray! At this point, you've successfully launched your product and helped hundreds of people solve their problems. You're now an EXPERT!

Now is the time to scale your business up and move it to the next level.

Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To

Get Paid For Your


#1 Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide

  • The single best way to go from complete newbie to expert... (This secret strategy uncovers the most unknown way online gurus were hiding from you the entire time) 
  • The 13 groundbreaking action steps known to man! These alone will change the way you think about business FOREVER!

#2 Netguider Evolution

  • The breakthrough approach to becoming a highly optimized productive machine. This blacklisted method transforms the ultimate procrastinator into the result producing beast. 
  • What you absolutely MUST do RIGHT NOW to hit your 10-year goal in a single month! It's the complete opposite of what self-help books teach the general public.

#3 Winning Idea Detector

  • How to identify the BLOCKBUSTER idea your prospects are starving for... 
    And how you can use it to beat the death out of your competition.
  • Why you should NEVER be average! NEVER! Even some greatest marketers and entrepreneurs don't know this... 

#4 Market X-RAY Spyware

  • The most unconventional way to understand your customer even better than his own family (Once you uncover this, the competition won't even see the daylight) 
  • How to tear apart the off-limits competition in your market even when their pockets are much deeper than yours and their reputation is more profound. 

#5 Product Builder ToolKit

  • The backdoor 3-step formula I use to create irresistible products within just 60 minutes. Forget about endless outlining and brainstorming. Making the winning products has never been easier.
  • My secret treasure of tools and scripts that will make people throw money at you. This will make your product stand out like the lighthouse. 

#6 Secret Selling System

  • The most extraordinary sales funnel that turns even the most sceptical prospect into paying loyal customer. This will keep your bank account ringing like clockwork...
  • How to dominate your subscriber's mailbox and assure your emails get thousands of clicks. It's nothing like you've ever seen in online marketing ever before. 

Grand Opening on November 1

The member section with all the content will be ready to welcome you on November 1. But if you decide to join the program before it starts, I have a special bonus for you. 

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FAST-Action Bonus:

Traffic TakeOFF

Oh yes...

The worst thing that can happen after you launch your awesome product is that no one sees it. So you end up empty-handed with no sales.

That's why I'm giving away this action bonus where you'll learn and implement my absolutely killing traffic method that will flood your product with hyper-active buyers almost overnight. 

Value: $127

P.S. We’ll be selling this as a standalone course later, but you can get it for FREE only during this presale period.

Go From Complete
Newbie To Expert

The "Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide" is EVERYTHING You Need To

Get Paid For Your


  • Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide (value $247)
  • Netguider Evolution (value $197)
  • Winning Idea Detector (value $97)
  • Market X-RAY Spyware (value $147)
  • ​​Product Builder ToolKit (value $97)
  • Secret Selling System (value $197)
  • ​​ 🎁 Fast-Action Bonus: Traffic TakeOff (value $127)

Total Value: $1,109

$27 Today!

"Hi, I am Luke Sabins...
...and I used to eat shit
For real

I'm marketer, course creator and coach. 

But this is not what you care about.

You see, I've learned everything I know from brutal, no-bullshit, in the field experience.

Years of trial and error and sleepless nights were shaping me just so I could share my knowledge and hard-earned know-how with entrepreneurs like you.
So you don’t have to eat as much SHIT as I did.

I clearly remember how hard it was in the beginning.

I was motivated by seeing online gurus making millions and wanted to be like them. However, it was only later on after dozens of fails, when I finally discovered that their secret selling system doesn't generate millions from what they teach but from what they do. 

This "aha" moment started my new exploration of real marketing and finally brought some fresh fruits to the table. I packed all my valuable advice into this action guide just to save you from the same dirty road I had to cross. 

My Iron-Clad LIFETIME 
Money Back Guarantee

Okay, get ready...

If you're anything like the thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs who bought some sort of offer and course in the past, but it didn't meet your expectations you should read this short paragraph.

Cause I 100% Guarantee you'll love this guide, or I'll refund you the full price and let you keep everything for FREE…

You read that right!

And it doesn't end there. 

Not only I'll refund you all the money and let you keep the content, but there's NO time limit!


No seven, fourteen or thirty days...


If you're in any way dissatisfied, just reach out to our support, and we'll handle the rest.

How can I offer you this outrageous guarantee?

I believe in the "Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide" so much that even if you wake up 20 years from now, in your luxury villa in Bali that you paid for using this action guide, and decide you still haven't gotten any value, I will hand back your money.

The risk is 100% on my shoulders. 

And that's because I have absolute confidence this can change the way you think about business.

Say Bye, Bye to...

✅  Say bye, bye to self-proclaimed online gurus who make people buy unwanted courses. These are the people who write carefully curated selections of rant-like statuses often-times made by an extremely self-assured "si-fu". 

No more webinar motivational sales pitches. No more recycled cliches and stories you've probably heard before.

✅  Say bye, bye to the never-ending loop of starting out the online business just to see it fail after you launch it. This is the end of you jumping around from one thing to the next and never becoming the master in the single business that could change everything for you. 

The Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide will help you finally make it happen.

✅  Say bye, bye to the lack of visible results. If you're tired of working your ass off without noticeable revenue that you deserve, grab your action guide now and go dive into the work. 

Still reading?

Why not go and...
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handsomely for it... And how you can do it too!

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HURRY! AS OF {{MMMM}} {{D}} number of Free spots is low

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this "Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide For"? 

This action guide is for beginner entrepreneurs who tried countless business opportunities in the past but never saw groundbreaking results and who want to monetize their hard-earned skills by coaching others online. 

I don't have any skills that I could sell. Does it work in this case? 

Absolutely YES! The action guide will help you explore your passions and strengths. Later on, according to the findings, you'll be able to create your own product and take over the market. 

I'm not an expert in my field. Will this work for me? 

Of course! You don't need to be a top-notch expert in what you do. You just have to know a little bit more than your prospective buyer.

I'm a complete beginner. Is it a problem?

It's actually even better that you're just getting started! You'll start learning and implementing things correctly right from the beginning and avoid different online gurus that would just suck out your wallet. 

How is this course different from other business opportunities online?

First of all, it's not a course. It's an action guide, a step-by-step process that will help you take your knowledge and monetize it online. The goal of this guide is to generate visible results within the first day of you going through several on-demand applicable steps.

Is the content available right away?

All videos, together with the action guide and other tools, will be available on November 1. You will be informed through your email.

The "Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide" is EVERYTHING You Need To

Get Paid For Your


  • Sell Your Knowledge Action Guide (value $247)
  • Netguider Evolution (value $197)
  • Winning Idea Detector (value $97)
  • Market X-RAY Spyware (value $147)
  • ​​Product Builder ToolKit (value $97)
  • Secret Selling System (value $197)
  • ​​ 🎁 Fast-Action Bonus: Traffic TakeOff (value $127)

Total Value: $1,109

$27 Today!

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